My YouTube Channel – Noel`s

Hello! I`m Noel Ko-zuki.

I started YouTube channel “Noel`s since autumn 2017.
There are two main contents in my channel now.

First main content is “Shasta Mine Craft”.
In this Mine Craft, I`m introducing Mt.Shasta where native american`s energy spot.
(Due to the circumstances of this, renewal is under suspension.  sorry.  Please watch and enjoy past videos.)

Second content is “Noel Ko-zuki presents SPIRITUAL RADIO”.
This is a radio that I`m talking about spiritual things.
Such as law of attraction,  how to meet your guide spirits and so on.

SPIRITUAL RADIO, although it is irregular, continues updating.
My story is Japanese, but it has a simple English subtitle.
I would like you to enjoy this!


If you wish to check my channel, please click Link below.