What`s the “Spiritual Fantasy Novels”?

Hello!  I`m Noel Ko-zuki.
I`m going to introduce to my novels and my job.


“Spiritual writer” is the title I put on myself.
I`m writing “Spiritual Fantasy Novels”.  This genre also I thought for me.

In Japan, The word spiritual sometimes has a negative impression.
But I never thought spiritual like that.
I think spiritual is the way of living.  Spiritual make me happy, calm and empower.

I would like to inform many people about such aspects of spirituality.


I think that spiritual fantasy novels are good way to do that!

Spiritual fantasy novels looks normal story.
But, if reader knows spirituality, he/she will found spiritual philosophy in my stories.


Since I read “The Secret”, my life had been changed forever.

Spirituality changes my life!
Now, I`m alive in happy world.  And I would like to spread this happiness.

My biggest goal is to have spiritual negative people read my novel and change the impression of the spiritual.

May more people find the way to live like yourself!