How We Can Protect Our Creativity?

Me: I’m filled criativity at the morning, but I must go to work.
And my creativity loses power while I’m working.  
Can’t do you something to protect my creativity?



Michael of Sirius:
Don’t you trying to fit yourself in that place?
First, you should learn to seeyourself in wide perspective.

Let’s keep thinking.
“Was this response I did now from my heart or I pretend?”

When you notice you’re feeling discomfort, you should ask for your heart.
You will need your standard to continue this.


Me: Engineers of Siris can something about this problem?


Michael of Sirius:
You can keep your creative energy in the tank, and you can get back it in your aura.

All you can do is to ask “Please keep it” for engineers.


Me: Thank you!




Thank you for your reading!
I wish you all the best!



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