From Freddie Mercury For The World

Me:Happy Birthday to you, Freddie.


Freddie:To you, darling.

Of course, I’m very happy everyone say “Happy birthday, Freddie.”
But in same time, I want you to be polite to yourself.

To be kind for others is very easy.  Especially you can be kind to your precious friends.

But I want you to know about this.  You are also “precious person” for others.
And I love you.

This is not special things.  Just everyone had been made this as though special.

Truth is that very simple, close, and everyone could love themselves naturally.


Please direct your energy which you gave me to yourself.
Let’s enjoy delicious cake with me.
Let’s go where you want to go.
Let’s buy what you want.  If you can’t this in some reasons, you can imagine how you feel when you get it.
Let’s looking up the stars.
Let’s laugh a lot.
Let’s shout “This is my best life!”  It is okay if you feel deceive you.
Let’s feel tears overcoming with.



What I wanted to express, what I wanted to tell you are still spreading around the world.  I’m so glad.  Music is great.

And in same time, you are great.  You are doing great things.

Even if you can’t feel it, but this fact never change.  You are great.

I want you to know this, and I want you to remember this.
Please know its message for your heart.  Please add this message in your root.

So you can remember soon if you seems like forget this.  Somewhere in your body will remember this.  Your attitude to living will change forever.

It is not necessary to try to “big thing”.  You are already great person.

Waking up on morning.  Helping someone a little.  Shopping in convenience store.  Going to your work.
You might to think these are little things.  But these your life help someone.

And wishing.  The peace on Earth.  This stats are looked up forever.
Stars can see or not isn’t problem.  I’m talking about stars in your heart.




Whatever you are doing, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.
Don’t embrassed.  Just great.



There were my fan.  And there were people who criticize me.
I tried not to take care of them.

That was not escape.  Just because I am the very person who know about Freddie Mercury.

I valued who I am.

Of course, I changed my behavior what my friends warn me.  I had fight many times with members.


However, with Bri and Rog and I was never values did not match at all, and I think there was only one place that everyone ultimately aimed for.
Just one difference was, what we think what was the importance.


Hey, so I want you to remind who you are.


Your characters are not just a clothes or style.  Let’s start what kind of cake do you like?  
You are made from what you like and dislike.

Please don’t think “It is difficult to live naturally.”  Please face your self and know it.

If you can get any trigger, let’s think about QUEEN.
“I like QUEEN.”  That’s wonderful!  There is nothing more about you than you!

So, smile.




I don’t want to watching this world get be dark.  I want to face bright side.

If I released new song for the world, I will sing “Face to the Bright Direction!”


If you live thinking “The worlds will get better”, the world’s would be.

Send “gets better mind” for these group, insted of mercy.

These are wonderful chality in this world.  There are many ways to support it.
Even pray is powerful.  Pray a lot.



Love yourself.
Love your precious people.
And pray for yourself and wold.  This is my wish.





See you soon.
I love you all, darling.



Freddie Mercury



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