About Reincarnation

Me:  So, please tell me about past lives.


Michael of Sirius:
Past life is which “be there but not here”.  When we see in narrow perspective, it seems like there are our past and future.  But that isn’t everything.

Actually, our characters are influenced by our past lives.  What we like to do, what we like to eat… or why I dislike him/she?
And in same time, our choice and our act will influence our past lives.

There are many things what we will like in our future lives in present life.   Just we can’t recognize it.

We’re connecting each other.  It isn’t one way traffic.

But about us, we don’t care about our past lives or future.
We just do what we want to do.  That is the key for past and future myself.

Sometimes, people boasts he/she was someone famous person in past lives.  But that is pointless.  They were just prisoned by their past lives.

The important thing is what we are going to do now.  Not to look back your self.
So there is timing when you know your past lives.



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I wish you all the best!

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