That’s Why I Love Freddie Mercury!

Hello!  This is Noel Mercury of spiritual writer.


Today, I’m going to write about Freddie Mercury.



1, He sings his words so politely!

I noticed Freddie sings his songs according to the rylics.
Although some songs has high tempo, freddie sings his words politely one by one.

“Now I’m Here” seems like sings in flow, but its rylics is wrote in an accent.

It’s wrote like “Down in the city just Huple’n (and) me” so Freddie just sings according to this.

More I listening QUEEN, I more noticing how Freddie sings really politery every songs.



2, Freddie’s voice cannot only main vocal but also chorus!

Freddie also sings chorus.
But I can hear his voice only when I know “Freddie also sings chorus.”

Freddie’s voice is very unique.  But he knows the time when he become sub character. That’s brilliant.


In addition, QUEEN’s 39th song ” ’39 ” is Brian’s solo.  
But Freddie join this song as chorus.



(In next articule, I’m going to write about Brian!)


Thank you for your reading!
I wish you all the best!



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