About Couples and Soul Ages

Me:  Anyway, I think couples who same ages or near generations are so amazing.

In my opinion, if I live with same age boyfriend, he and I might face “hard time” in same timing.  If so, I couldn’t take care of him and I will choose break up.

If same things happen in diferent generations couples, he or she have more experiences than other.  So they can overcome difficulty toghether.  These are just my feelings.

But I can’t help to respecting same ages couples.




Michael of Sirius:
Yes, that is just your perspective.  Everyone is different.  Spirituality don’t proportional with their ages.
Because there are a lot of “old soul people” on the Earth.

They seems like little child or young people, but their inner heart can be elder than adults.


Of course, elder people experienced many things than youngers in this life time.

But some people can’t learn those various experiences because they don’t notice their lessons.
People like that will continue same lessons in different situations until they learned.


And every couples chosed when they will face “hard time”.  It they break up or not, that is their lessons.
If he and she have true spiritual coneection, they might meet again in the future.


Remember. When you see this world in the widest sight, there is no chance or accidents.


Me:  I see.



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Thank you for your reading!
I wish you all the best!

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