Sirius and Cooking

Hello!  This is Noel Mercury of spiritual writer.

Michael of Sirius and I talked about cooking.



Me: I heard before you also do cooking.  What kind of food do you cook?
       I can’t imagine the scene you hold fishes to eat, but I’m seeing through the food like aqua patza.


Michael of Sirius:
Yes, I never eat fishes.  Truely never.  They are my friends.  Not foods.
What you seeing is, yes, that is fish foods.  Actually that is grain.  We add taste like fish on grain, and form it like fishes.
About foods, I cook everything that I feel “it likes delicious.” especially I like Itarian foods.


Me:  Itarian foods!?  So, do you drink wine?  ( He seems like never drink it…)


Michael of Sirius:
Yes, I don’t drink.  But if you go to “Star River” in Sirius, you can get water looks like white wine. 
So I dip it up in a wine grass as white wine.
I’m cooking to fun and to see beautiful foods.  So it is significant for me to decorate everything beautifuly.


Me:  In the first place, why are you making foods on the Earth?


Michael of Sirius:
Usualy, we eats very simple foods.  But Earth people has different culture for us.  They’re processing what they have around, and trying eat it just deliciously. 
You’re doing amazing action.  I respect it.


Don’t you try other contries foods?  Like Germany, India and so on.  It is wonderful if I can eat Indian curry on the Sirius.


Michael of Sirius;
Curry is diffiult for me.  I couldn’t keep it right strength of fire.  And curry has strong taste for us.
I have friends who are trying Russian and Germany cooking.  When I wish eat their food, they invite me to join the food party so I go.
I also invite my friends when I made something.  We never be hangry, so we can try make beautiful foods like artifact before we eat it.


Me:  Everyone studies Earth foods by each regions?


Michael of Sirius:
Most of people studies in that way.  Foods development rely on climate that region.  Earth prople have many foods to survive there. That points makes us attracted.
So we tend to study foods by each regieons.




to be continued to next conversation…


Thank you for your reading!
I wish you all the best!



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