For “Reiwa”

Me: In Japan, new era “Reiwa (means beautiful harmony)” started.  Do you feel something about this, Michael?


Michael of Sirius:
From now, people on the earth will looking again about their custom.  The length of custom isn’t defined by history.
Truely, the most important thing is why we have those customs and tradition.

When someone help us, we will say “Than you.”  But why we do so?  The real reason of it is “Because I really appreciate him/her.” not “Because I was told to do it.”
We should know why we say it or why we do it to express our hearts.)

Customs and traditions were formed from meanings and reasons. But in time, you continue to live on customs, and original meanings were forgot.
Why don’t you think a lot about the reason of custom and tradition and find the really significant message from it?



To be continued…


Thank you for your reading!
I wish you all the best!

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