Wordplay by Freddie

Hello! This is Noel Mercury of spiritual writer.

“INNUENDO” is the last album of QUEEN while Freddie alived.
I have some stories about this song.

I had been had monochrome images since I was litte. At that time, I didn’t know monochrome TV, tank and world war.
(For more information, please check my YouTube channel hrom HERE.)

When I saw music video of “INNUENDO” at the first time, I thought “This is same my images!”

And I came to notice Freddie might be my past life. When I thought about “INNUENDO”, I realized more connection.

My real family name is “Endo”.
And when I “INNUENDO” read slowly, it seems like “In new Endo”.
It might means that “Become new Endo (by reincarnation).”

Although, of cource there are many people on the Earth who have Freddie as past life .

Thank you for your reading.
I wish you all the best!



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