I Changed My Writer Name.

Hello! This is Noel Mercury of spiritual writer.

Now, I changed my writer name as “Noel Mercury”.
The reason is simple and surprising, I was Freddie Mercury in my past life!

I explained details about this story in my YouTube cchannel. So please check my channel from below link!

リンク:Spiritual Radio Part6 : The Connection with Freddie Mercury

I have other stories I’d like to share, so I’m going to share it another spiritual radio or this blog.

How surprised I was about this fact when I noticed this past life!
I had been had some “curiously images” since I was little girl, and these connected around Freddie.

Actually, I came to notice this story 2 weeks before. But I tend to mix my wish and my spirit guides messages when I ask about myself, so I hidden this until my friend said “This is true.”

I have some more impression which I haven’t talked yet about this past life .

By using the name “Mercury”, I’m wishing to become get Freddie’s ability (sociability and respectable English and so on.)

But I’m not going to make music, though : )

Thank you for your reading!
I wish you all the best!



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