Growing Child Like Sirius

This is a conversation with my spirit brother “Michael of Sirius” from SiriusB.

Today’s theme is “growing child”.

Me: Michael, what is the difference about growing child between Earth and Sirius?

Michael of Sirius:
First, there is no “children” in Sirius. Everyone have soul almost same age. This is great truth and, every Sirius people know it. So people “who have small body” are also treated as one adult with respect.

Or rather, Sirius people don’t think much about “have body or not”. So everyone play in physically realm and flying more light fequency freely. We change our vibration easily and go to where we want.

Me: I have some opinion about growing child, so please talk about parenting method.

Michael of Sirius:
What children need the most is love. We are giving all love to our child ( regardless who gave birth ) and living with them.

On the Earth, you take care of your children to they live. But this is not enough. Truely, we take care of children because we love them.
Everything you do for someone, is love expression in many way.

There are too lot of things have to do on the Earth, so you sometimes forget it.

But, it is true there is love in deep mind. If you have no love someone, you can’t do anything for him/her.

Me: I see. Is there school in Sirius?

Michael of Sirius:
There is no “school” as building or place. Every Sirius people is teacher and we know that we tell something for youth.

Actually, children come here with messages they need and they know everything. But it is important that adults tell same messages in different words to more understanding.

Children are familiar about their own way of expression. And they will know other express pattern from adults words.

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There are very different landscapes in Sirius campere with the Earth.
A wide star ocean (The waves are calm and it seems like stars reflect on the sea).
Big city with very high buildings (Buildings and sky are indigo blue, and beautiful night sight in there).
And so on.

Throuth this conversation with Michael, I finally know why I’m attracted by star ocean.
If you feel attractive force from night sky or indigo blue, you might have your roots in the universe.

Thank you for your reading!
I wish you all the bast!

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