They Never Stand By.

Hello! This is Noel Mercury of spiritual writer.

Ancestors of Fa family seemed disagree to Mulan’s determination which fight instead of her father.
But there is one agreement in their talking.

That is that they must send someone for Mulan to let her back home or support her.

No one said “We are already dead. So this is out of our business.”
The attitude which trying to help their children is very close to real ancestors, I guess.
Actually, although Mulan’s ancestors have their own desire and discord.

Ancestors wish to support us who living present moment.
When we wish something to your ancestors, they will do their best.

Of course, if we need their help, we should wish something. This is a promise to keep our free will.

Looking back the movie, Mulan wish manythings to ancestors.

There is a special place in Mulan’s home, but actually we can wish everywhere.

We can wish by singing, screaming, or drawing…
When we wish something, someone hear that surely. And our guides will move for us.

Thank you for your reading!
I wish you all the best!



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