About The Culture of Sirius

Me: Do Sirius people understanding each other as sepaletaly person like Earth?

Michael of Sirius:
We are using our time to do what we want to do on this dear planet.
Doing what we like is our job. Someone is always drawing, and someone is swimming, fishing, or just looking up to the sky…

Me: Wait a minute. Do Sirius people fishing!?

Michael of Sirius:
Yes. There are many kind of fish in the sea.
But we aren’t fishing to eat. To joy for each other. So we don’t use any kind of hook and we always be careful not to hurt anywhere.
We enjoy the time when sitting and waiting for fishes coming. Sirius fishes aren’t tied up by waters so they can live on the ground same as in water! So sometimes they are fished, and chatting to us friendly.

Me: By the way, what is your joy, Michael?

Michael of Sirius:
I have a lot of things to want to do. Recently, I’m enjoying to lay on the grass or cooking.

Me: Sirius people do cooking?

Michael of Sirius:
Yes. We will cook whenever we want.
We enjoy to cook something and decorate it beautifully. We use even flying pan!
We eat that energy enjoying its appearance, so we feel only light taste.

to be continued…

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