“Keep Your Character” Than “Delicate”

Hello! This is Noel Mercury of spiritual writer!

Quiet and demure,

Graceful. Polite. Delicate…

Refined. Poised. Punctual.

From “MULAN”

Mulan was writing these points on hers arm to remember.
Actually, I thought she isn’t graceful because really “graceful lady” won’t write something on her arm.
But also I’m understanding that is the lovely aspect of her.

And there is a question. What is “good woman?”
What perspective will define it?

And the thing is, who defined that “good woman” impressions?

Telling the truth, there is no guarantee that you will be loved every people even if you behave like “good woman”.

The more important thing than behaving like “good woman” is, finding your own style to live. This attitude will useful for both of yourself and around people of you.

Mulan is living the world where is tied up by boundary thinking which is “man must be…” or “woman must be…”
But she understands what she can and what she can’t.

But she had to face the boundary thoughts. She is demanded act as “graceful lady” but that isn’t her true style.
Mulan didn’t give up. And we can live like her more easily now.

It is because that is natural way and someone will find yourself without fail.

Thank you for your reading!
I wish you all the best!



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