About the Spirituality of Sirius

Are there spiritual counselor or psychic in Sirius?
How Sirius people face to their problem and solve it?

Michael of Sirius:
We don’t use the word “spiritual”.  When we talk about like that topic, we usualy say “Remote viewing”, “Hyperopia”, or “embodiment”.

For us, dear Sirius B feel like very physical planet.
perhaps when you watch our planet, you might see just white lights are flying about.

Sirius also has the ground and there are high tall buildings.  But our sense of range is more likely melted than yours, so we can move wherever we want without any steps.
And there is the sea which is reflecting starry skies. As though white beach is washed by stars. Sea water feels like veil and it isn’t wetted out hands.

Well, let’s go back to about “spiritual”. We aren’t suffered problems like the Earth. Because we don’t need money and there is no job which you means, and there is no illness.
Sometimes we become injured state, but that reason is energy disturbance. So we adjust right frequency to heal it. All we have to do is holding your hands over there.

Me: We call that way of therapy “Energy healing” or “Qigong”.

Michael of Sirius:
You seems like thinking that healing of that way is special. But telling the truth, everyone can energy healing. You are just forgetting how to do.
When you start to live like express who you are, you can feel your own energy. After a short time, you will know other people’s energy as well. Then you will can adjust or restore it.

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