Why They were Healed in the forest?

Hello! This is Noel Mercury.

After when Ashitaka met The Sun God, he thought that “My body became light.”
Why he felt like that?

I think that is because, The Sun God and the forest have healing power. The Sun Got saw Ashitaka and perhaps The God determined to heal them.

On that evidence, Rokkoh said “The pain were gone!” while they walked the forest. After they went back to Tatara, Rokkoh seemed painful again.

The Sun God who immortal entity rules life and death. So it might be spreading healing energy just it walking.

Perhaps Ashitaka and guys felt better in the forest by The Sun God passed near them.

The story of “Princess Mononoke” is shown about “Growing the forest and Breaking the forest” in contrast.
And I think, this story shouws us there is invisible energy in the forest in same time.

Thank you for your reading!
I wish you all the best!



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