You Need to Practice to Use Your Power!

Hello! THis is Noel Mercury of spiritual writer!

I think the super power that Mr.Incredible family have is as same as psychic ability in real world.

Bob and Heren’s children Violet and Dash had been said “Don’t use your power.” for a long time.

So Dash use his power for trick in secretely, and Violet growed as less-confidence girl.
They were banned admireing their original talent.

In a movie, Violet tried to shield the jet but she failed.
When Heren said to her “Use your power!”, Violet hesitated because she had been said “Don’t use your power”.

She hadn’t been practiced to use her power ever, so she couldn’t use it well.

This is same for us, I guess.

We are coming here with our own mission and destiny.
We already have tools what we need.

We can know what we should doing from what our feels excitements.

But we might can not do well at first. Especially in front of emergency situation like Violet.

When she noticed missiles approaching, Violet might fought with herself. It is natural she loses confidence more.

But after that, she started to change rapidly.

She practiced to use her power with fire,

she could control her power in next day!

Moreover, super power of Violet is very strong as hard as machine.
After this fight, she became more charming girl. Using own power gives her confidence.

If we have extraordinary power and charm, we can’t use it well without be practicing.
Get notice your power and use it!

(Perhaps you thinks that “Everyone might do same things…” about your power and ability.
But other people thinks your ability is wonderful and they can’t do it in same way. Look harder and find what you can.)

Thank you for your reding!
I wish you all the best!



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