Chess in Black Butler

Hello! This is Noel Mercury of Spiritual Writer.

I have a point of concern in Black Butler’s comic 20.

In the story, Ciel was suffered by poison and hidden in his herat.
In Ciel’s heart, there was a big chess board!

Please check this page.
In this heart world, true-Ciel(Ciel’s twin brother) came out as questioner!

Personaly, I’m thinking true-Ciel at here is in real not just Ciel’s dream.  Because at this time, twins were both “sleeping.”

True-Ciel is sleeping because his revival isn’t complete.
And Ciel was also sleeping in his heart.

And, here is an important part.  True-Ciel stands white side, and Ciel stands black side.
They has some pieces…

2 Pown
1 Bishop
1 Knight
1 Luke
and Queen.

3 Knight
King (it may indicates Ciel)
1 Knight (it may indicates Sebastian)
and 1 Luke.

The reason of I wrote Ciel is black King and Sebastian is black Knight is because,
1, there are same depiction in anime and comics before
2, after this scene, true Ciel touched black Knight and said words reminds Sebastian.

True-Ciel gets close to Ciel.

Please look at True-Ciel’s foots on left above on this page.
He steps only white square.  True-Ciel always on white square.

From this move, we can know that true-Ciel can stands only white square!
Thinking from the rules of chess, true-Ciel seems to Bishop.

In a chess game, everyone has two Bishop at first.  If we were black or white, we have two Bishop that
can moves on white square
and can moves on black square.

In below page, there is white Bishop on the board, but it on black square.

True-Ciel seems strong rival.  But if he Bishop true, there is another enemy.
White King seems to become a boss.

In additional, there isn’t white King on Ciel’s chess board.  Instead, white side still has Queen.
I can’t help thinking this keywords “white” and “queen”…

Is it implys Queen Victoria?

She has 3white butlers. So it’s natural seeing Queen Victoria is villains in this story, I guess.

And I think why white king invisible this page, because Albert is already dead but no king is out of chess rule.

Here is Ciel’s heart. It is said that, our heart connect to akashic record. So Ciel might could talked to his twins brother.

I can’t wait to reveal every mystery!

Thank you for your reading!
I wish you all the best!



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