Children Grow with Spiritual Stories!

Hello! This is Noel Mercury of Spiritual Writer!

When I was little girl, I watched “Aladdin” three time in a day!
In thses days, children has a “Disney Channel” and they can watch every exciting TV programs more than me.

Especially, it is said that Japanese little girls love “Elena of Avalor” and “Sophia the First”.

I’m interested in these stories, so I watched “Sophia the First”!
The story I watched was filled spirituality!  Wow!

In the story, Sophia attended the art class.  They used magic paint brush. 

I was surprised that story ended in 30 minutes.  Disney story is always so smart.
And one more thing, I was impressed about “when using magic brush, they can entring their painting”.  It means they can entering their imagination completely.

When I watched this scene, I remembered a part of book which was written about Atlantis.

According to that book, Children had been taken more sensuous education than in Atlantis.

One of that way was,
First, teacher show some symbols and shapes
Second, children start meditating
Then teacher let children focusing to these symbols and shapes and children will “found” these meanings or way of using.

In the story of “Sophia the First”, there is no word like “spiritual” or “meditation”.
But I felt it is alike “using magic paint brush” and “meditating”.

Sophia understood a lot of things from her experiences without using desk and textbook.

Both of it using experiences to foind their lessons. It is may important message! I was so surprised!

Thank you for your reading!
I wish you all the best!



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