He is in Himself

Hello! This is Noel Ko-zuki of spiritual writer.

Freddie is so cool because he is in himself.

I can’t help to being concern other’s judgements still now, so I respect Freddie’s way of living in which “Knowing who you are” and “Knowing how to explession”

When he was to parted from Pole, he was determined although Pole threatened that “I will send a bad rumor.”

If intelligent person face in a same situation, he will think “A bad rumor might break my reputation. I should be living with him.” and he might can’t finish that bad relationship.

But Freddie never had done that.
It is important for him to be in himself rather than sending a bad rumor.
He can live in that way naturaly. So I respect him.

Thank you for your reading!
I wish you all the best!

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