I Have a Brother in SiriusB!!

Hello! This is Noel Ko-zuki of Spiritual Writer.

I sometimes communicate with Sirius Spiritual Group since last year.

There are people on the Earth who have their roots in other galaxy.
Some people may be attracted words “Sirius”, “Pleiades” or “Andromeda”.

And when I think in that way, I’m attracted in Sirius. Also I like Pleiades as well.

Well, let’s go back my story.
Few days ago, I was meditating before I fell asleep. At that time, one of Sirius person came to me!

He introduced himself “Michael”. So I call him “Michael of Sirius”.
And he told me that, he is my older brother in Sirius!

And this is just yesterday happen, Michael of Sirius took me in large capsule.

The capsule seemed like Oxygem capsule or sunbed.

According to Michael, this capsule is used “to amplify that person’s own energy”.(And Michael says we can also use this maschine to charge energies from outside.)

I stayed feeling energy in present moment, I found myself in center of big grid. The intersection of grid was shining.

And at the intersection of Grid, there was my spiritual guides including Alemurua and Holy mother!
The grid was overlapping, so I couldn’t see whole guides face but I felt a lot of connection with them.

Adding, today’s me is really good! It should because I connected Sirius energy yesterday night. I feel I’m in myself and I can live with my own energy. Wow!

And I’m assuming that if I keep to do this work for a while with Michael of Sirius, what will happen to me more positive effect? I’ll try it!

Thank you for your reading!
I wish you all the best!

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