Your Weakpoint Will be Strong Point!

Hello! This is Noel Ko-zuki of Spiritual Writer.


The first half of the story of “Wreck it Ralph”, Vaneloope was thought “glitch”.  But that “glitch” was her special ability actually.


When Vanellope tried to control it, she sometimes failed.
But… let’s try to think a little bit more.
There is a big bridge in the bonus stage. This bridge created so high.  If anyone can’t use warp ability, no one may can’t go through safely.
This stage needs Vanellope’s ability.


We can find a fact that Vanellope is not glitch actually.


Perhaps, King Candy made everyone to forget this stage was because this bridge shows Vanellope’s rightfulness.



And the second half of the story, Vanellope found a way to use her ability.
If she focus, she can teleport wherever she wants.  So she could won the race.




Everyone have some weak points.  We can leave it as weak point, or we can use it in useful way by changing our sight.

“Wreck it Ralph” tells us that important message.


Ralph isn’t villains but just a bad guy,
and Vanellope found her weak point is her positive power at last.


There is only a few difference to advantages and disadvantages.



Thank you for your reading!
I wish you all the best!

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