Living in Present Moment

Many spiritual messengers says “Living in present moment.” or “Be in present time.”

I’m thinking those meanings as “The way of living focusing where we are and find wonderful things without think about past and future.”

In other words, “It is said that people’s negative thoughts are made from regret of past and worry of future. So let’s put it aside and anjoy!”

And there is a question. What should we do to follow that way?
There are infinity way to follow it, but I practicing to re-thinking about how to go out with photos.

In these days people hold their smart phone and taking photos anywhere.
People are doing it to get a lot of “likes” or to remind their memories.

But actually, it is rare for me to take photos.

Of cource, I love posting homemade crafts and sweets to SNS.
But I rarely hold my smartphone camera when I go out with my Prince although we sometimes go to sightseeing area or beautiful place with a view.

The reason why I do that is, I’m wishing to feel everything in there not through a lens.

If I hold my camera and taking some photos, I can remind my memories.
But don’t you think the beauty may fade away while we focusing on taking photos?
Perhaps we might missing feeling breeze and impression in there when we taking photos.

It’s may better to experience everything in present moment than recall in after.
I wonder that photos can find just a part of beauty in there. We must experience the true beauty at that time.

So I releace my camera soon and enjoy my present moments.
If I do so, I can memorise everything although there is no photos.

Thank you for your reading!
I wish you all the best!

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