Songs are Your Energy Promoter!

Hello! This is Noel Ko-zuki of Spiritual Writer.

Every Disney Princess have their songs.
They enjoy to sing and their songs have a positive message.

When I imagine their heart, I found an important point about their songs.

Disney Princess know their true mind and be longing to follow it.
And their desire will be the key of stories!

Based on the content of the lyrics, I sorted the Disney Princess’ s songs.

1, Wordking Songs

Snow White’s “Whistle While You Work” and
Giselle’s “Happy Working Song” and so on.

2,Wishing to change songs

Mulan’s “Refrection”,
Rapunzell’s “When Will My Life Bgein?” and
Ariel’s “Part of Your World”

3,Wishing to Love songs

Meg (Hercules)’s “I won’t say I’m in Love”,
Belle’s “Something There” and
Anna’s “For the First Time in Forever”.

Every songs explains each princess’s wishes.

And I want to say loudly, sounds is vibration. Vibration is evergy!
So, it can be say that human’s word is strong energy!

When we singing, we are using our throat more widly. Moreover sing spreads more our words.
So I think songs are stronger than words.

Disney Princess admit their true wishes and sing it. These songs and their wishes will create a trigger of story beginnings.

For instance “Mulan”(1998),
She thought “I want to live myself and my family become happy from it.”
Her wish came true through the story. She saved her contry to be herself and she find someone.

And Rapunzell (Tangled 2011), had been wished to see the lights for 18 years.
When she finally get out the tower, she sang “When Will My Life Begin?” again. It was so impressive for me that words were changed “That’s When My Life Begin!”

Also Ariel (The Little Mermaid),
sang “Wish I could be part of that’s world” at first.
Her wish changed when she met prince Eric. End of the story, Ariel became a human lady and lived with Eric “happily ever after”.

Each princess have their own dream although their dream can give up from fear.

Mulan could thought “But, it is said that woman should be quiet…”
Rapunzell could thought “But my mother banned to go out the tower.”
And Ariel could thought “But we can’t go to the land…”
But anyone didn’t think that. And as a result, they realized dreams.

Disney Princess are living so honestly myself, so it may be difficult Live according to the values of the others.
This way of living is natural I guess.

We can wish our dreams every ways.
Disney movie is telling us that if we wish something and show it in powerful ways, our reality will move!

Thank you for your reading!
I wish you all the best!



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