I Found a Big Hint!

Hello! This is Noel Ko-zuki of spiritual writer.


Disney Villains in “Wreck it Ralph” is Turbo.  He appeared in a later half the story.
But I fond a big hint about him!  


Please check below scene.  That is when Sergeant Calhoun and Felix are going to Shgar Lush.
The terminal seems like station and there are graffiti.


And we can see the name “Turbo” in that graffiti!  It’s on her left side.


Turbo had been be disguise as King Candy to hide in Sugar Lush.
But Filix said “He wanted to stand out.” 

Perhaps, Turbo may wished to leave his sign before he shanged his appearance.

King Candy can entering a race, but he will never be praised as Turbo.  He may couldn’t satisfied only hiding as King Candy.


We can find his strong Self-evident desires here.

Thank you for your reading!
I wish you all the best!

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