Be Yourself

Hello!  This is Noel Ko-zuki.

Ralph is hoping the day when he become a good guy because he is exausting to be a bad guy.

The first step of him to become a good guy, was joining an anniversary party.  But he failed that.

Ralph talked to Firix and he succeeded to eat cake with everyone.
But I couldn’t stop to laughing, Their conversation was so jerky!


At this time, Ralph pretended a “good guy” so That’s why he is in a very awkward way of speaking.

He pretended that he didn’t know their game is 30th anniversary, and he speaked to beat around the bush about eating cake.

So Firix cared him and said “Want you eat cake with us?” finally.

Ralph got well until here.  But after this…  he troubled.

Naturally, He is not a bad man, nor shy.  He takled with master in a bar.

At last Ralph talked to Firix in his words, the story was beginning in the second half.

Firix knew Ralph isn’t bad guy actually and Ralph have been wanted to join.

We couldn’t know this simply message if come out.  And Ralph’s honestly way of speaking told Firix that is true.

If Ralph still pretend to be a good guy, Firix will not understand his true heart.  But at that time, Ralph had a duty to help Vanellope.
So he mignt could using a straightforward wards.

Thank you for your reading!
I wish you all the best!

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