Accept for Unknown

Hello!  How’s your days doing?
I’m Noel Ko-zuki.


The story of “Magic paint brush”, Princess Hildegard became a key through the story.
She seemed acting cocky at first half a story.  She said “I know everything”, and she never listened what teacher was speaking.

But we noticed she had a sad past memory about this.



She had been thought that she must know everything to keep friendship.
She acted cocky because she thought that.

Her’s trauma might had been became hers weak point.  But on the other hand, there is a person who feel lovely about that “weak point” like Sophia.


We are not perfect.  But that is wonderful and natural.



We came to the Earth to experience manythings.  When we do that, out soul should packing theirselves to get our physical body.

We do that because we wanted to experience “impossible”.  When we lived high dimension, this life game seemed so wonderful.

We can remember that feeling still now.
We can enjoy “unknown”!


It is natural that having unknown.  We can help each other because we can’t live only one.  There creates new relation!



Admitting unknown and stepping out of it is so creative action.
So it is safe show ourselves like Hildegard.





Thank you for your reading!
I wish you all the best!



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