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Hello!  This is Noel Ko-zuki.



I noticed about Freddie doesn’t like his family or his roots.

He seemed not to be doing good with his father, hidden his true birthplace to Mary, and he changed his name!



But after he began to sing as QUEEN, he seemed like to face his roots and “family”, and he had tried to compromise with them.

He contained the word “Bulsara” that is his real family name.  And when president blamed this word, Freddie seemed to be unpleasant.
Moreover, he had used a special teacup which was same as his father used!


(Below picture is just image.  I couldn’t found same tecup Freddie used.)



I was so impressed when I found the same teacup.  That should have been bought by Freddie himself.

If he had been hated his family truly, he won’t have done that.

Perhaps he bought it to feel his family near.




Also, I was very impressed the scene when Freddie visited his parents house before he perfomed on Live Aid stage.

He told his father that he is going to realize his father’s word “Good words, good action…”.  Finally they reconciled.



And I think, the best part of Freddie is he tried to realize his dream and parents hope.

We tends to think “a good boy/girl should follow what parents is saying…” So when we try to realize our dream, sometimes we have to facing against to parents.


There are some people who decided their job or marriage partner for parents happiness!  They does it unconcious.



If we are good with our parents, that is good.  But we are not alive for our parents happiness.
Ultimately, parent’s happiness is that children should live happiy.  Parents happiness and our happiness might be different, but we must pursue our happiness.


Freddie might knew it earlier.






Thank you for your reading!
I wish you all the best!

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