Just Be Yourself

Hello!  This is Noel Ko-zuki.



Freddie was wearing unique costume in films.
I knew he learned art-design in university after watched the movie.

He appeared in the meeting with costumes like a lizard, and went up to the stage with unique costumes.


Clothes is a way of show who we are.
Freddie showed that QUEEN is a unique rock band by wearing unique costume.




But the most impressive things is the Live Aid.
Live Aid was droadcast on a lot of  TV proguram.  QUEEN was watched by about 1.5 billion prople!

In the Live Aid, Freddie appeared very simple costume.



We can notice the difference compare from first half the story.


I think that, Freddie changed in 2 ways during the story.

1, He didn’t need a unique costume any more because QUEEN knows well as a unique rock band.
2, Freddie changed and growed.  So he could express himself for the people.



In the first half the sory, Freddie was hiding his true birthplace and changed his name.  And he was hiding he is a bisexuals.

He might wanted to hide himself to wear unique costumes.




But during the story, he came to show who he is.  Or, he could accept who he is.

So he might can sing more powerful and wear simple costume for his peformance.






Thank you for your reading!
I wish you all the best!



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