Anger is Wonderful!

Hello!  How’s your days doing?
I’m Noel Ko-zuki.



Gisele seems to had been not know about anger until came to New York.
When Robert said “I’m not joy.  I’m angry.”, Gisele answered “Angry…?” with a cautious face.


Well, Gisele had been not know about angry, but she got angry to Robert!  This is should be first anger for her.

When that event happened, Gisele said an impressive words.
At first, Gisele didn’t know how she could expless her mind in words.
She tried to say “I’m very… very…” and finally found a perfect word.  She shouted “Angry!”

But at the next moment, she started to laugh.  She was gladed to get angry.
Why she became so happy?  I found the answer from after scene.

Gisele said,” I`m wonderful…”

Yes, Gisele felt new emotion.  She found herself who can feel vrious feeling.
She should felt “wonderful” about that.


Gisele brings us a lot of message!




Although many people tend to think anger or grief are “bad feeling”, but we don’t need to think that way.

Joy, anger, love, and sadness.
These emotion are wonderfull, and you who can feel that are so great!




Thank you for your reading!
I wish your the best!



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