The Reason of Queen Narissa’s Failure

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Queen Narissa treates Nathaniel like a sleve.
Nathaniel doesn’t notice that, and he will do anything for her even to killing Gisele.


Nathaniel loves Queen Narissa.  But how Queen thinks about him?
Queen Narrisa was loved by someone, but she died from falling.  She couldn’t live “happily ever after.”  Why she couldn’t be happy?



I think, it is because she was looknig down on prople.


We can notice that Queen Narissa looks down Nathaniel from her behave.
She may thinks Nathaniel is “a convenient man who will do whatever she ask”.


This is not a relationship from Love.  She only utilizes Nathaniel’s kindness.


Moreover, Queen Narissa didn’t trust Nathaniel although she asked something to him.
She contacted him in New York frequently.  This is the evidence Queen Narissa didn’t trust him.

At last, Queen Narissa came to New York by herself.  This event also evidence about it.



Gisele won to Queen Narissa finally because Gisele lives from her heart.  Queen Narissa uses her ego.







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