Your Higher-Self Knows Your “The One”

Hello!  How’s your days doing?
This is Noel Ko-zuki.



Let’s talk about Gisele’s prince charming!
Please look at Gisele’s ideal man doll.


When compareing this doll to latter half the story, we can notice something.

Please look harder Robert’s costume!



Gisele’s prince doll was wearing navy jacket and white pants.
As a mater of fact, Robert was wearing very alike clothes!

From the perspective of clothing, Edward wore completely different taste.

What is it mean?  I have an idea.

Most of people tends to think face or appearance when they imagine their ideal partner.
Gisel was also concerned about the appearance of the doll.



What is visible, actually conscious mind concerns somethng visible.
So Gisele might mad been made its face carefully.

But, where doll’s coatume idea comes from?
I think that costume also designed by Gisele.  She should had been used her criativity!

Where creativity comes from?  That answer is “inspiration!”
It is said that inspiration is messages from higher-self!

Higher-self is a part of our soul.  It knows our life planning and life purpose.

Gisele’s higher self sould had been known that Edward was not Gisele’s true soul partner.
And her higher self let Gisele came up with design of the costume.  When I notice this, I couldn’t help laughing.





Thank for your reading!
I wish you all the best!



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