Not Only His Appearance

Hello!  How’s your days doing?
This is Noel Ko-zuki.



Everyone have only one “Prince charming”.
But there is a point when you imagine your prince/princess.

You shouldn’t concern his/hers appearance too mach!



At the first half in the story, Gisele made a prince charming doll.
It had a brown hair, blue eyes.  And Gisele was searching hers ideal lips.

Gisele made it with joy, but she concerned only its appearance.
So when Gisele met Edward first, she said “Oh!  It`s you.”
Because Edward seemed like that doll!


But we could notice that Gisele married other person in the end.

Yes, Edward looks like that doll, but he was not Gisele’s “prince charming” actually.



This is a mesage for us,I guess.

When I was 15, I studied so hard to enter my ideal high school.
I needed something to cheer myself, so I imagined “my ideal high school life with my prince charming.”

I drawed picture about my prince charming, I imagined ideal life.

Finally, I could entered that high dchool, and I found my princecharming!
He looks like my picture.  I was surprised it.
But… looking back, he was not my truly prince charming.


As a opposite, after I graduated high scnool, I wished to meet my prince charming.
So I made a list about my ideal partner’s charanter.
When I had done it, I finally met my twin-soul!  He is My Prince.


We haven’t get marry yet, but everyone who took spiritual reading about us says “He is your soul mate.”



Of course, it is exciting to imagine your partner’s appearance, but his/hers character and spirituality are also significant.





In addition,  Anna in “Frozen” also concerned only his appearance and failed.

In Anna’s song “First Time Forever”, Anna was imaging about hers prince charming.

She sang,
“I suddenly see him standing there
A beautiful strenger tall and fair”

We can find that Anna images only his appearance.

The man who collect Anna’s image was Prince Hans.

We konw he cheated Anna.
And Anna’s true prince charming was Christof.


Christof was not “a beauty stranger”, but he has high spirituallity.


It is important to imagine ideal partnership.
We needs a balance appearance and spirituality.




I wish you all the best!



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