Marriage Delay Cause of Parent’s Ego

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The villain in the film of “Enchanted” is Queen Narissa.  She tried to kill Gisele many times because she wants to protect hers status.

But in the fairy tale world, it is decided that Gisele and Edward will get married.
If Edward get married, Queen Narissa would be leave in the queen status.  Edward’s wife will be next queen.


Queen Narissa had been tried not to meet Edward and Gisele.


In addition, after they met, she sent Gisele to New York, sent Nathaniel to kill Gisele, and finally, she transformed in dragon to fight Gisele!
It seems that she was very obsessed with keeping her position.



Although the talk changes slightly, when I watched “Enchanted” first, I couldn’t keep thinking that “Gisele seemed to be old as a princess!”

But, it is natural.
Because Queen Narissa tried to delay “the moment” when edward and Gisele meeting.


Perhaps, they were doomed to meet while they were teenagers.  But they missed the timing because of Queen Narissa.

As a result, that “delay” attracted the true love for each other.  But I think this is not just a story.


It is natural that the most parents wish their children’s happiness.  But there is an important thing…  it is different what parent’s happiness and children’s happiness.


If you say to your child,
“You should marry with rich person.”
“You should marry with well house leeping woman.”
“You should get along with a person who has high status.”

your child would be follow your words in unconsciouslly.
They might kill their heart voice and follow your words in suffering.


Parents words have a strong power like the God for children, so we should know that there are many forms of happiness in the world.



Happiness what your children thinks might be different yours.
It is natural because everyone has a different personality.


Perhaps your children’s partnet may has only small money because he/she has dream.
Perhaps your children may say “I want to get marry with him/her!”.

Opposite, your children may marry with perfect person for parents but kill true mind.



In these days, divorce comes to increasing in Japan.
I think that, it is because many people get notice what they like truely.

Many Japanese people have been followed their parents words unconsciously.


It’s about time to notice your true heart and follow it!
When do you feel happiness?
What action or moment make you relax?
Who do you want to be with?

We must leave others way of viewing, and create our original way!





Than you for your reading!
I wish you all the best!



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