Change your Perspective!

Hello!  How’s your days doing?
This is Noel Ko-zuki.



The Monster city has a very big issue.
That is “lack of children scream”!

Monster city had been managed by children scream.  So this issue indicates power shortage.



But at the end of the story, the issue was solved!
I think the city found the solution thanks to Sulley.  He changed his perspective through the story.


This film showed us that laughter is stronger than scream.  Sulley changed Monsters Inc. as collecting children’s laugh.


I love below scene!  He had been scared child, but he still working here.  He maight good at spread laugh!




On the other hand, if you solve your problem with out change your perspective, you might be doing horrible, like Waternoose.


He had a plan to kidnap the children.  If you are monster or human, you might not to be doing act like this.


Waternoose said “This company has continued from my grandfather ‘s.”
So he might be obsessed the thought “I must continue my company like my ancestors…”



…Well, I think Sulley is the last person who could notice the laugh power because he spent a lot of time with Boo.  If Sulley didn’t met Boo, Monsters Inc will go bankrupt.





When you be scared, your perspective would be narrow.  But especially at the timing like that, please try to watch your problem widely eyes.




I wish you all the best!



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