Totoro’s Impression

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I saw the article said “Mei and Satsuki met Totoro in different timing.  There is also meaning.”
When I think about this… I thought it might be true.



And I thgout that, there is a meaning about how to Totoro appeared in front of them.

Mei met Totoro when she exploed hers new garden.  She found middle Totoro and small Totoro, and she chased.

At that time, Mei saw Totoro’s fluffy tail first.
No one may scared from it.




In opposit Satsuki met Totoro first when she was waiting fathers come back at the bus stop.
She saw big foot and sharp nail first.  I think she might be surprised.

She took time until talking with Totoro. As a evidense.



It is natural getting surprise about sharp nail.


Why Satsuki couldn’t saw first Totoro’s cuety point?  Why Mei could saw that first?



I found the answer in the early story.

Please check out the day of first.
When they were getting to a bath, the family got scared strong wind.
When father said “Everyone try laugh.  Scarers will run away.”, Satsuki and Mei shouwed different face.


Satsuki seemed like relax and started to laugh together.
But Mei said “I’m not scared!” and continue that until tickled by Satsuki.



We can know Satsuki was scared little from this scene.
In regard to Satuski, Mei wasn’t scared through the story.  Mei’s word “I’m not scared!” was true.


How to Totoro appear might be influenced about Satsuki and Mei’s feeling.
They have a different impresstion about “goast” or “wonderful being”.






Thank you for your reading!
I wish you all the best!



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