The Reason of “Just 1 Year”

Hello!  How’s your days doing?
This is Noel Ko-zuki.



In the story of “COCO”, Miguel knowed who he should reapct.
We could understand that it took a year to regain real reputation.


…Wait.  Only 1 year?


Could everyone knows in just one year that the world wide musician was fake?

Is this a Disney magic?  No.  There is the more reason about this.




That the reason is, regaining true raputation starts from the world of death.


It is said that, when we leave our body, we go to 4 dimention.


It is said that we are living in 3 dimention,
When we leave our body, we go to 4 dimention,
And Underground people and Space people lives in 5 dimention.


We are high demention being originally, but we wished more adventure, more growth.  So we came the Earth to experience.




Back to the “COCO”, we can think the world of death is 4 dementions.


In high demention worlds, our wishes be come true more rapidly.
The law of attraction works speedy compared from here.



Ernesto De La Cruz’s injustice revealed in 4 dimentions.
Many people gathered his stage, so everyone watched his misdeed.


The death world people might spreaded this misdeed soon, so Hectors true raputation might accepted rapidly.




When energy move in high dimention, that wave will gave some influence in our 3 dimenion.  The reverse also applies.


What will be happen in 3 dimentions when high dimention people konws the truth about De La Cruz?
Perhaps we feels that energy unconsciously, and accept the story about De La Cruz and Hector.



There was an energy moving about regaining true raputation.





Thank you for your reading!
Buen dia de la muerte!



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