Your Resemble Point

Hello!  How’s your days doing?
This is Noel Ko-zuki.



Hector was hated his family because he leave his family.
But this was just misunderstand actually.


Elena hated him, and she forbided even talking about him!
(Mama Imelda might be same way.)



But, I found the surprising scene!

Elena and Hector hug their child very look alike way!


Both hug their precious child(grand-child) hardly, and they were kiss a lot.
Elena’s hug is too tight, so released Miguel was about to breathe.



Rivela family had been hated Hector for a long time, but Hector’s way of love is inherited.





About me, my way to blow my nose is alike my mother, and my way of laugh is alike my father!
When I was more little, I thought I never want to alike that way…



Thank you for your reading!
Buen dia de la muerte!



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