Parent’s curst will tie your behave!

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This is Noel Ko-zuki.



Miguel’s grandmother, Elena hates music.
She always say “No music!” although she never damaged by music.

Who had hated music, was truly Mama Imelda.



According to Miguel,  Elena “runs our house just like Mama Imelda did”. So Elena hates music like Mama Imelda.


Elena and Mama Imelda uses their shoe as a weapon.






Moreover, Elena hates dogs.

Perhaps hateing dogs also Mama Imelda did.


But in the end of the story, Elena welcomed Dante, and gave a snack for him!



What is this mean?

I think, Elena likes dog actually, but she had kept Mama Imelda’s way, so she behaved as hate dog person.




Especially in this film, it is clearly shown that parent curse exists.


Of course, Parent’s teaching is useful in many ways.
But it is also important that your honestly feeling.
Which is your values?  Which is parent’s?  You should distinguish them.


Following parent’s value will use when you were child, but there is no rule you must follow parent’s value forever.



Your happiness and parents happiness may be different.  If so, you should follow yours.
Yes, your parents may cry.  But you can argue that “This is my life.  This is my happiness!”  Have courage and confidence.



If you follow your parent’s way everytime, you might will suffocate.





Thank you for your reading!
Buen dia de la muerte!

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