Until Forgiveness

Hello!  How’s your days doing?
I’m Noel Ko-zuki.


I was surprised about reapers were human before they died in Black Butler story.
And, there is one consideration by myself.


In the Book of Jerman, Sascha who is one of reapres talked about their job and life.
He said that,
“And we keep watching human’s death until foegived by God.”



According to his words, Reapers work as the punishment and someday they will forgived by God.
But we don’t know about how we can get forgiveness yet.



And they talked about “Leaving Group”, Ludgarsaid that,

“He might just bored his work, or he might had a something special reason.”

Ludgar and Sacha was talking about why Leaving group were got out from Shinigami Dispatch Association.



I looked harder the scene of “a something special reason.”
In this picture, White hair man is crying holding a man.  It seems that “a something special reason” is regarding this crying man.


For me, the white hair man looks like Undertaker.
And a man who is bleeding with blood running looks like Vincent.


Perhaps, Vincent was Shinigami?



Long ago, Vincent might kill himself and he became shinigami.  And he was dead somehow, after that, Vincent reborn as earl Phantomhive I think.




If my expectation is true, Undertaker might changed his mind because sinigami Vincent’s dead, and he might leaved Shinigami Dispatch Association.


And Undertaker may noticed Vincent was reborn, so he be with Vincent to support him…?



Sometimes, Vincent said mysterious words and he had cold eyes.  That might was a message of he was a Shinigami.



I can’t wait next story!



I wish you all the best!



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