How Can You Work with Your Guides?

Hello!  How’s you days doing?
This is Noel Ko-zuki.



Satsuki and Mei was communicating with Totoro and other spiritual entities.

Why they can communicate with them?  I’m thinking like this.




In Totoro films, there are Shinto shrine and Jizos.  Satsuki and hers family always treats those things politely.



After Mei met Totoro first, father, Satsuki, and Mei went to Tsukamori forest to say “nice to meet you” for the big tree.

Father said “Long ago, trees and people were good friends.”  And I think this is an important message.
They looked up the tree and expreessed apiritiation, and bowed carefully.



Moreover, when Satsuki and Mei was going back to home, the rain came.  They were in to Jizo’s shrine, and they said that
“Jizo, please take shelter from rain a little.”

Mei did same thing.



Satsuki and Mei treats these “spiritual things” as important thing.
It is because, their father and mother told so.




For the Creator, every beings is holy, lovely ones.  Creator should feel divine love for us thanksfully.


But seeing more our close perspective, it is important that having gratitude and reapect heart.

When we do something for someone, we will be glad to said “Thank you.”
And if someone is always caring you, you will be like he/she.


It is same for our guide spirits.


Any spirit guides such as guardian spirits, guardian angels…etc, are always watch us and guide us for divine dream.

They are hearing our wish and helps us some ways, but we don’t pay anything for them, because our guides has no physical body.

The most happy thing for guides, is that the word “Thank you.”
They become glad to hear our gratitude word and heart.

Appritiation makes everyone happy including human and spirits!



Spirit guides never discriminate, but they may want to watch more positive people than negative ones.  Positive energy attracts more positive things!






Honoring the Buddha and Buddha is to show respect for the above people. Honor yourself living in the end.
People who feel it cheerfully help us helping live hard.

Perhaps, the relationship with the above person may have such aspects as well.





Thank you for your reading!
I wish you all the best!



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