Your Standing Position Indicates Your Mind!

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Satsuki and Mei are playing a lot in a film of “My Neighbor Totoro”.

Did you notice about they standing position is always same?



When Satsuki and Mei are standing, Satsuki stands left and Mei stands right from us.



This was happening on the car,


when they saw their new house,



when they checked out the bathroom,



and even they got on the Cat Bus!



If you search, you will find more scenes.





Actually, psycology is said that “oue standing position indicates our mind!”

So we can find Satsuki and Mei’s mind relationship in this scenes.


I found this article in the Internet.




Here is written like this.


(As my dominant hands are obstructed, I want to keep him protected, I can see the heart that I want to follow. And, there are many women who want to have amusing personality.)

(In this case, when a man stands on the right side, his dominant hand is empty, he seems to be able to protect the woman immediately from danger and feel comfortable to move immediately. Many people think that they want to take initiative.)


Above article is written for cuples.  But when I thought about Satsuki and Mei in this perspective, I was convinced in many ways.


Mei is only 4 years old, so she might wants to attachment.  And Satsuki is 12 girl.  Satsuki may act as Mei’s leader.





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I wish you all the best!



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