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In the movie of “Christpher Robin”, We found Christopher changed while he grown up.

But his spirit has never changed.  We also found it manywhere in films.
For details about this topic, please read below article.



Christopher Robin thinks “I should do…”  “I have to do…”, but he doesn’t lost everything.  It appeared his words.

When Christopher said like “real” such as “Dream is not free.” or “If you do it nothing, there will nothing produce.”, he quoted his boss’s words!
Even when he in the 100 acre wood, he used difficult words.



Of cource, we quote someone’s word sometimes.
In the middle age, to quote famous books word was the symbol of educated person.

And we quote words someone you like, because you love he/she.



But in same time, quote something is that you use words someone else.
This is sometimes completely different from your inner words.




As a conclution, Christopher Robin quotes his boss’s word because he was tied by “should to do” and “have to do”.
If he really trust that “dream is not free.”, he may translated it his word!


Moreover, Christopher’s word hasn’t emotion.  If we quote words someone you like, thw word should to have love.

Christopher may just follow that belief but not trust it.





Christopher live as an adult with his Ego.  But look at inside, there still lives little Christoher Robin.
And more important thing is, everyone live like that including you and I.  This is a good thing.







Thank you for your reading!
I wish you all the best!



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