Tigger’s Active Film

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Rabbit may dislike Tigger, but in the film of “Christopher Robin”, Rigger acted an important part!
Actually, Tigger is also spiritual character.







1,Tigger took Christopher Robin’s papers. And instead…

Tigger used Christopher Robin’s papers as a Yeeyore’s saddle.  If Tigger wouldn’t use the paper, Madelyn won’t go out to a Explore!
Tigger made a reason of adventures and happy ending.

Moreover, when Pooh asked Tigger to “So, what did you pack in the Christopher Robin’s bag instead?”, Tigger answered “I packed more important memories!”

This “memories” were Owl’s weatherrock, branches, and Eeyore’s tale!
It seems like no use, but these “momeries” saved Christopher Robin.

When Christopher leaved his meeting, his boss shouwed these “memories” to directors, and tried to break Christopher’s reputation.
These mamories worked as holding out!

Finally, Christopher and his family got back his raputation better way, and got time of “do it nothing.”

This is obviously his credit.





2、My bouncing will never get bad!

Tigger was catched his tale by the travel bag, and he tried escape from it with Eeyore and Piglet.

All we would think that Tigger should be wait in the bag because Madelyn tried to go to Christopher’s meeting.

But bag opened, Tigger and companies jumped out!



But then a miracle happened.
Tigger, Eeyore and Piglet met Christopher Robin and Evelyn!

Thanks to they met, Christopher could back to his work in perfect timing, and the family reunion peacefully.




Tigger’s bouncing is disliked by Rabiit in past.  And some may dislike Tigger because he says easily “This is the Tigger’s best!”



But Tigger told us important things in this movie.
That is when we confident about our “best things” and trust it, we can be in the best position and situation.

And when we trust “My best things won’t lead bad things!” like Tigger, there will be not afraid of.





Thank you for your reading!
I wish you all the best!



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