The Reason of Friends Missing

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This is Noel Ko-zuki.




When Pooh got up in 100 acre wood, his friends were missing.
Moreover, 100 acre wood was wrapped by deep fog.

Why is this happened?



I think, these phenomenon comes from Christopher Robin’s memory.


I dealed with past article about weather of 100 acre wood is influenced by Christopher Robin’s heart.


Additionaly, friends missing also comes from Christopher Robin.



I found that Pooh little by little desappeared in movie of “Christopher Robin”.
When little Christopher Robin departed to the public school, Pooh and Piglet in the 100 acre wood was waiting Christopher back.


After Christopher in the school, Pooh was waiting Christopher back alone in the 100 acre wood.  There was not Piglet and the wood started foggy a little.


Finally, when Christopher’s father funeral, there was no one who waiting Christopher back in the 100 acre wod.
His house door was keeping close, glass comes to cover the door.


After that, Christopher met Evelyn, went to war, started his work… but there was not appear the 100 acre wood any more.



This scene may indicator about Christopher start to forget about the 100 acre wood.
Or he started to think that, “I can’t play in the happy memory any more.  I should live as a adult.”  He might ignore his true heart.




When Pooh came into the acreen again, Christopher Robin read MAdelyn’s letter.  Madelyn leave the letter and Christopher’s picture.  There was little Christopher and Pooh.
Christopher would remembered about Pooh here.


To work with it, Pooh awaken in the 100 acre wood.
But he had slept in a long time, he couldn’t move well for a while.


Moreover, Pooh’s friends were missing because Christopher remembered only Pooh at this time.






This message also was sent in “Inside Head”, “COCO”, and “Rightning Returns(FINAL FANTASY)”,  that “People forget something about someone, he/she will desappear.”  Spirits are connected by memories.



If you forget something or someone, it will be lost.
This phenomeon happened in the 100 acre wood I thought.


But, here is a good news.  We never lost memories completely, it just seems like forget.  Our higher-self or our spirits remember everything what happened including our past lives.
We can remember that anytime.


Chstiropher Robin could remember about Pooh and his friends.  So 100 acre wood rejoyced.









Thank you for your reading!
I wish you all the best!



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