To Live Together

Hello!  How’s your days doing?
I’m Noel Ko-zuki.




Pooh tells us many thing!

Especially, Pooh never angry although when he got angry by Christopher Robin, or when Christopher ignoerd his snack time.

I want to become like him as a casual modern person.



Growed Christopher Robin and Pooh are living too deifferent way.
It seems like that, they were “best friend” in the past, but they can’t go along with now.

Perhaps Christopher might tried Pooh back to the 100 acre wood hurry because he noticed this perspective.




Although they had a different way of life, they had never had fight.
Why they could that?


The key is always Pooh’s attitude I think.
Pooh was never denied Christopher’s way of living!



Every fight will start from denial.
For instance, “Your thoughts is  wrong!”
“Your way of living is wrong.  My way is right!”
Like that.


Honestly, I had some fights like that im my home.  I’m sorry for my dad.





Pooh had never denied or agree with Christopher’s way of doing, but he never suffered alone about difference.
Pooh listened Christopher’s thoughts, and argued his thoughts calmly.

We can find that in balloon scene.


Pooh said, “Christopher.  Balloons!  I want it.”
Christopher answered, “We have no time to buy it!  You don’t need it.”
Pooh said, “Yes, I don’t need a ballooon.  But if I have it, I’m happy.”


Finally, Christopher bought a red balloon.  He might changed his mind or wanted Pooh become quiet.



This conversation was always calmly.  I won’t do same thing!



Pooh just told his heart for Christopher(But balloons make me happy).  Also Christopher told his mind(You don’t need it!).
They talked about their values.


If Pooh denied Christpher words, they would got fight there.  But he didn’t that.
Thanks for his action, One fight that might have happened has decreased.
This is may significant message.



The most important thing here, is we can do the same thing when we determined.







Thank you for your reading!
I wish you all the best!



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