Pooh’s Observng Eyes

Hello!  How’s your days doing?
I’m Noel Ko-zuki.



In the “Christopher Robin”, Pooh said a lot of message for us.
I have many scenes want to share.



I want to share here, the difference when Pooh was talking with Christopher Robin and with Madelyn who is Christopher Robin’s daughter.



Christopher Robin ran down with work.  So he confused when met Pooh!
Pooh should know about Christopher was irritating and was inpatient.
But Pooh never said that “Why don’t you quit your work?”  He just accepted what Christopher is doing now and never said any advices.

He only said “I always do it nothing.”


On the other hand, when Pooh and Madelyn was talking, Madelyn was frank about she wants to live with family.
Then, Pooh said easily “Then, you can quit your public school.”


Why Pooh said nothing to Christopher Robin, and adviced to Madelyn?
It is because, Pooh knows the best for everyone, I think.



Finally, Christopher didn’t quited his work.
Instead gave up for his presantation, he suggested a sprendid idea and got a time for “do it nothing”.

And Madelyn, on the other hand, will quit the pablic school and live with family happily.



What Pooh felt from his heart predicted family’s future.
Christopher Robin souldn’t quit his work (He just lost balance).  Madelyn should quit the school.




Pooh follows his heart and this is his awesome point.

“Foolowing your heart” is as important as “do it nothing”, I think.





Thank you for your reading!
I wish you all the best!



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