What’s the Christopher Robin?

Hello!  How’s your days doing?
I’m Noel Ko-zuki.



Christopher Robin met again to “Friends” in the 100 acre wood.
But, his friends misunderstood about Christopher Robin as Ephalamp who is scary monster at first.



Although Pooh could find out Christopher Robin is he got old, why others couldn’t do the same thing?

I think, friends were not scared about his appearance.  They watched Christopher Robin’s inner mind.



Christopher Robin who come back to the 100 acre wood, is surely “Christopher Robin”.

But at that time, he had been forgotten to “see the unseen things” with using his imagination.


So Christpher said to his friends, “Ephalamp is a just imagination.  They are not exist.”


If Christopher Robin as a little boy won’t say so.
Rabits answered that “If you are Christopher Robin, you won’t say so.  You sould be Ephalamp!”



This word “If you are Christopher Robin” is very important.
For Christopher Robin, the word “Christopher Robin” is his name.

On the other hand for his friends in 100 acre wood, the word “Christopher Robin” has a more meaning.
Christopher Robin is who has a full of imagination, believed Ephalamp ,making a trap for them and made friends to reassure.

“Christopher Robin” will never say “It is just a dream.”
That is him who Rabits remember.



And, there is one more thing.
When Pooh noticed that his friends are gone, he thought Christopher Robin will know where they are.

Christopher Robin asked, “Why did you thought so although I didn’t go there for a long time?”
“It is because, you are Vhristopher Robin.” Pooh answered.
The word of “Christopher Robin” is used here has a same means of Rabit word.



The 100 acre wood is made from Christopher Robin’s imagination.
Pooh had been relied on to Christopher Robin, and Christopher Robin had been got adventures or solution for something.

Pooh might think that “Christopher Robin knows everything what I don’t know. ”


Christopher Robin was a just little boy at that time.  Why he could be a “know everything”?
Because the 100 acre wood is his world.


It seems no use for people who growed, but it’s has a significant meaning for everyone.

Imagination is the power all of us can using.
When Christopher Robin use his imagination, he go forward with his higher self.

Pooh and his friends keep to remembering about true “Christopher Robin” that Christopher forgot.





Thank you for your reading!
I wish you all the best!



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