Never Change about Christpher Robin

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This point of view is my friend’s actually.  But I thought this is a reasonable idea so I rould like to share!





While Christopher Robin growed up, he dropped in a “reality” and forgot about 100 acre wood and friends.

But, in the movie, we can find out some point about Christopher Robin never change.



First point is attitude of Christopher Robin.
Christopher spent very busy days because he had alot of things to do.

In these days, he seemed to be fighting with his wife Evelyn.
But Christopher was never got angry or used wild words.  Instead he said “I’m sorry.” or “I’m in a complicated situation.  So I can’t tell you now.”


At the situation like that, many couple would begin to fight, I guess.
But Christopher can saying “I’m sorry.” at honestly.

He might live in busy world, but his truly being is honest like that.


There are not many people who can do such behavior.



In addition that I was impressed, is that Pooh did same things!

When Pooh was blamed by christopher Robin, Pooh never said “But…” or “Why don’t you understand my mind?”
Pooh noticed that Christopher Robin is irritated by Pooh’s something and he  apologized.


What a kind of Pooh!






Second, people who live around Christopher Robin are also reflect Christopher’s spirituality.

When Christopher and his boss was talking in his office, a woman said “I can read lips.” and did messy translations.

In the 100 acre wood, Rabit did same thing!



And when Christopher Robin bought a train ticket or balloon with some dolls, no one watched him as a crazy man.  Everyone said nothing for him.




Our world is made from our subconsciousness.  Christopher Robin’s world is made from his thought.

So we can notice that Christopher Robin never forgot his friends in subconscious.





Thank you for your reading!
I wish you all the best!

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